Monday, 2 November 2015

Micro Nursery.... A house for Native plants

  • am Pradip Inamdar. I run a hobby nursery of native plants in the terrace of my apartment in Pune. I started this  nursery 5 years ago after completing Field Botany and Biodiversity courses. Mr  R.M. Dhole and Dhananjay Shedbale encouraged me to start this activity. I used to go on excursions with Mr. Dhole in nearby forests for seed collection.

  • I started small by sowing few seeds. It was such a pleasure watching these seedlings grow. Under the guidance of Mr. Dhole , I started keeping records of name of the plant , date of sowing , collected location  etc. I realised that keeping records is very important in running a successful nursery. 

  • Today , I have about 400 plants of 40 different species. I am happy to mention that many of my friends and relatives have also started collecting seeds for me . In this small way , I am assisting Mr. Dhole in propagating native plants.

  • I give these saplings free , to anybody interested and wanting to take care of the plants.

  • I sow the seeds in the mixture of soil , wood ash, tea powder, dry leaves and gobar manure in equal parts. I enjoy watering these plants which is a good exercise.

  • Presently , I have these plants ready with me . बकुल, काजरा, मोई, सुलाई, कोकम, लक्ष्मीतरू, बहावा, खडशिंगी, टेटू, रिठा, बिजा,वावळ,बेल,सागरगोटा, आवळा, भोकर,उंडी  and few unknown . Since April 2015 , I have distributed about 500 saplings to interested individuals.

  • My appeal to all is , everybody should start such small nurseries , this will help cultivating the native plants. 
  • All like minded are welcome at my place at Karve Nagar, Pune. You can reach me at


  1. Sir,
    If you need a mulch of leaves, then please give a call on 9371094877, this is a mulch which will retain water, and its very helpful for plans, the cost is Rs5/kg.

  2. Any one from this gardening group, if you need a mulch of leaves, which is 75% compost, very useful for plants, as one may not have to water the plants for six days, plz call Hrishikesh on 9371094877.

  3. Very good activity done by this group. Congratulations!
    At present I have about 125 Plants in my terrace- mostly of flowers. In last 2 years, number of birds, bees, butterflies are frequently visiting my terrace.I want to start with a vegetable plant. Please suggest. Regards. Nitin S Kulkarni

    1. I would like to have some flower plants, since I like my small garden to be colourful..

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  5. Thank you for sharing such great information. can you help me in finding out more detail on nursery in pune